Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When one of my friends returned from London and the V & A quilt show she gave me this postcard of the Sundial Quilt. It has been sitting on view in my craft room ever since. I just love the colours that were used to make it and all the small designs.

Then last December I was given a V & A calendar and February was a close up picture of the Sundial quilt's centre.

 I have joined Karen Cunninham's Correspondence class online and the pattern I have chosen of hers is her Sampler quilt  which is similar to the Sundial quilt.  

I have been trying to decide on fabrics and colours and I've also changed the centre piece. Karen's is made  in a Dresden plate design of hearts. I'm not very fond of hearts. Below is what I've decided on. Pinks, turquoise/teal, cream and chocolate. I also love the block that has the initials and date and I have been working on them this week.

The brown floral in the 4 corners is a really nice fabric but I only had a Fat1/4 of it. How lucky am I, not only to have remembered where I bought it , but they still had plenty in stock, for me to buy more, a lot more. 

I am still working on my Trailing Vine and I have finished the first strip.This is a photo of Megan holding it up at Castlemaine on Saturday. It is a great project for taking out and about although I heard a few murmurs and groans.


Angie Burrett said...

I have the postcard of the Sundial Quilt in my Sewing Studio too! - it is so very beautiful. Good luck with your ambitious project, I really look forward to seeing how it progresses - love that brown fabric, it is so good when one can remember where it came from - and even better when they still have it and you can buy lots more - congratulations!

Lida said...

It is a fantastic quilt, I understand why you are so inspired bij it! Your center is looking fantastic it will be great in your chosen colors! The strip looks really fantastic, what a lot of work! But like always you done a great job! Enjoy your stitches, greetings

Heather said...

Very beautiful. Someday I would like to join the correspondence course with Karen, but too much going on this year. Maybe next year it will work out.

Donna~~ said...

Looks like you've a fun (though big) project ahead of you! I look forward to watching your progress and dreaming a little! :)

Nancy in MT said...

Oh my, Dorothy, just looking at those quilts makes me crazy, so intricate, can see you working on the Sampler now. Funny, I don't like hearts that much in quilts, maybe really prim quilts. You have made stunning progress on the Trailing Vines. Definately would like to make a prim version of it.

Nancy in MT

WoolenSails said...

So much work in those quilts, but i know if you make one, it will be beautiful.
I really want to do more large quilts, just need to follow a pattern so I don't get stuck so much.


Miriam said...

Ohhh that quilt looks like lots of work!
I agree with you with your choice of centre.

Well done with your trailing vine! I have one branch finished!

Dawn said...

Lovely projects. Your are making lots of progress!!

Janet said...

What great projects, I say that because it seems to me that I pick biggies too. The vine panel looks really beautiful. My friend has done the sundial quilt with Karen and it has so many wonderful personal touches in it.

Janet said...

Your vine panel looks wonderful! It's hard to get a good picture of something so long and skinny :0) The other project looks incredible - it will be a lot of fun I think.