Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have finished sewing the scallops and the borders have been attached. It is bright and fresh and so very scrappy. I used the English Paper Pieceing method and I can now say been there, done that and I won't be in a hurry to return. For me there are better ways to piece. The pattern was well written with clear instruction on how to make each shape and complete the quilt.

This is the start of something new. I have had the Trailing Vines button on my blog for a while now and I have finally made a start. This will be a long time project as this is just the first strip of eleven and the first two branches of 7 on each strip which is 80" long. You can download the pattern for this quilt from the Quiltsalott blog. Janet is drawing up the pattern for it.

The original quilt was made in lighter green vines and pink and lemon leaves. I
have a reason for making mine in these colour which I will talk about later.
I have found it is the perfect project to have while I watch the Australian Open.


David said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Like you I am not a fan of paper-piecing either. I use the traditional method with a running stitch instead. And when I have hundreds of pieces to mark I use Inklingo.
Your new start is beautiful too. Love it.
Have a great day,

WoolenSails said...

You constantly amaze me with the beautiful applique pieces, that you make.
I love your background fabric, really sets off the shades in the quilt.


Lida said...

Here I am making embroidery stitches while watching! But this beautiful new quilt will be as perfect as your finished top!
It looks as always fantastic!

Mary said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I just don't have the patience to paper piece - I keep sewing the paper. You did a gorgeous job!!!

Miriam said...

The quilt top looks great! :)

Watching lots of tennis here too.