Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preparation Day

but first I want to show you the quilt I have made for my Grand daughters. The first one is for Abbie.

and the 2nd one is for Grace.

Abbie's has still to be washed but with Grace's quilt having so much red in it I used the Color Catcher sheets when I washed it and they worked wonderfully. They were red when I removed them from the washing but I had no colour bleed on the quilt. I'm going to give a packet of them to her Mum for future washings.

 I am still working on my Antique Sampler. I'm about half way through sewing the middles of the small squares. Today I picked fabrics for the rest of them. They were all over my sewing table, ironing board and floor. Now I just have to prepare them for paper piecing and sewing.

I had the finished ones out to, so that I didn't repeat the same centre with the matching outer fabric. I could really do with a nice big bench to lay everything out.


Michelle said...

Your granddaughters are going to love them.
I am also making the quilt in flannel, and I am about half way through.

antique quilter said...

beautiful quilts, the girls are going to love them!
oh wow your making great progress on your blocks.
My friend just started that quilt and now I am tempted to as well after seeing your blocks

Mary said...

I wish my table looked as organized as yours! The girls should LOVE their quilts. I like that they're so similar but so not the same. I just realized their names - my newest granddaughter is Abigail Grace!

Lida said...

The quilts for the girls look fantastic, my compliments! And your antique will become a beautiful one to! Enjoy the Holidays!

WoolenSails said...

Those came out so cute and sweet, the girls will love them.
I really need to get myself organized this year and work more on large quilts and finishing.


Nancy in MT said...

Lucky kids to have such a talented Grandmum.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Karen said...

I like how you used the different color ranges and block placement for each of the girls' quilts.