Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabric Choices

I am still sewing the blocks that make up the border on my Mary Brown quilt.These have been wonderful to pick up and sew while my other projects have needed preparation and I always need something to do at my sewing groups.
I try to keep to reproduction fabrics but sometimes another fabric is so ideal I have to use it. For the petals of the sunflowers I have used a tone on tone silky Japanese fabric and I'm really pleased with the texture it has added.

The fabric for the pineapple is a reproduction fabric and looks just right.

The blue bells had to be blue.

I have continued to use the fabrics from the centre square. This block reminds me of the passionfruit, a vine with tendrils. 

The birds continue to be black with blue wings as they are in the rest of the blocks.

I am now working on the last 4 blocks that will fill the corners of the border.


Lida said...

Oh these blocks are wonderful and the colors are marvelous! This will become a fantastic quilt! Nice weekend, greetings

David said...

Wow!!! This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. Love all your choices. Stunning result.

Lisa said...

The blocks are all wonderful, Dorothy! I can't pick a favorite, but that last one is especially nice.

fabriquefantastique said...

your header photo is fabulous.....just up my line

Dawn said...

More wonderful blocks. I think creative adventures with fabric are the best!

Karen said...

Oh, my! What wonderful blocks. Each one sings to me. I do like the sunflower a lot. The fabric used for the pineapple is so appropriate to make you think of the outside of one. And I always seem to gravitate towards blocks with animals or birds.

Anonymous said...

Pineapple fabric it perfect! Blocks look fabulous!