Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work in Progress

Before I ever discovered patchwork I spent my time doing X stitch. I made different things
or framed them but mostly I put them in a box and forgot them. Recently I got some new furniture for my craft room so I changed things around and came across my x stitches. This is one I have now made into a pincushion. Do you like how he looks? Maybe a bit of ageing is

I have slowly but surely been working my way through the blocks for the Scrapbook Quilt and now I have them all finished. Next come the setting triangles and then the border. I was going to make them in black wool but feel it would be too heavy for the centre which is mostly cotton. I will now use cotton and do the applique on the border in wool which should work well.


Lida said...

Hello Dorothy,
I love the blocks you made and look forward to the finished project! I have the same as you, found my X stitching back and made several things this summer and enjoyed it very much, hope you do to and I love your pincushion! I am always afraid to ruin my work if I age it and a few days in the sun will have also an aging effect! Greetings,

Papier and Cakes said...

He's a handsome brute, a few character lines can only improve his appearance surely. Barb