Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A New Sampler

I have really enjoyed finishing this X stitch off. Before I discovered Patchwork I spent a lot of time sewing xstitches. This one has been sitting in my cupboard for quite a while and I love how it has turned out. I've been considering t-dyeing it, to give it an aged look, but I would lose the delicate colours of the flowers in the border so it will remain as it is and age naturally.

I've also found another one, an Alphabet Sampler, can I fit another one in? with all my other UFO's. My title is so very right, Yes, I have a new sampler and Yes, I have found another new one to sew.


Nicola Moss said...


Linda C said...

There is just no slowing you down, is there. l have a bunch of antique style samplers if you want to have a look.