Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday at the Barn

A few more of the quilts on show,today. Here is Jill sitting at the entry with the beautiful raffle quilt behind her.

This next one on the right belongs to Bev, one of my quilting friends that drives  me to Castlemaine for the Applique Society meetings.



Meredithe has several on her blog too and Linda will have them all on her blog after her Show is over.
Here are a few of the quilts Mary Koval showed us on Tuesday night. I thought you might like to see them too. These are all old quilts.
I must remember to add a yellow fabric to my quilts. It was mainly a dull quilt but the yellow just brought it alive.


This was a 4-patch and wonderfully scrappy.
* I've just noticed the bit missing at the bottom and when I checked my  photo it's my finger on the camera and not a fault in the quilt.*

I hope you have enjoyed what I have shown you. It has been a great display of quilts.


not so zen -quilts in Paris said...

All quilts are awesome, but the puss in the corner and the postage stamp, oh my, have fun, Will in Paris

Angie Burrett said...

beautiful quilts, old and new - thanks you so much for sharing. What a super exhibition - wish I could buy a raffle ticket! Have a great weekend! x

Lori said...

It looks lovely! Amazing quilts!

Lida said...

I loved it! Such beautiful creations! Thanks! Greetings

Lou said...

Thanks for sharing. The quilts are beautiful.

Lou said...

Thanks for sharing. The quilts are beautiful.

Nancy in MT said...

I enjoyed the quilt show, stunning quilts.