Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Before the month of September arrives I need to add the blocks I have finished in August.
I always like something for sewing on the machine and here are the latest blocks I have been making. I need quite a few more as they are only 5 1/4" in size. I have been using my Japanese Taupes and Linen fabrics for them.

The Time Warp Stars for the last fortnight, two with Toiles and 2 with Trailing Vines.




and a simple block for Under the Cherry Tree quilt.


Friday, August 21, 2015


A number of weeks ago Joan from Vibes and Scribes in Cork, Ireland, sent me a piece of fabric from her Fabric and Craft shop. It seemed perfect for some Broderie Perse to be stitched on top of it. I have been trying out several floral fabrics and have settled on this Toile.
As you can see it is very early days and the joins all show. Trimming and stitching to follow. The second photo gives a better likeness to the colour of the fabrics. Later on I want to use it in the centre of a quilt.

Here is a link for Vibes and Scribes  The shop has a lot of different fabric and craft items and something I've been looking for after my local supplier closed, Dylon dyes which I use for my felted wool. Just something else to keep me busy. Thanks Joan, for the fabric. I hope you like what I'm using it for.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


The Time Warp Stars for last week were Indigo.


and this week's Stars are Lapis Blue.

Recycled - with many seams.

and my July block, for Under the Cherry Tree. Just finished it in time.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Away to the beach

A wedding at Sunrise Beach.

The beach went on forever.

The Flower girls.

The Swimming Beach

The first visit.

27C and glorious.

Testing out the water.

Dreaming of Summer.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Time Warp Time

I took part in Lori's,  Humble Quilts blog Doll's quilt Swap and have been waiting for my little quilt to arrive which it did this week after quite a trip. My quilt came from Peggy in Texas where the floods were and shortly after she mailed it to me she received it back with the packaging  destroyed by water. After dealing with a burst pipe in her home and a very sick hubbie my little quilt was sent again. Thank you Peggy for making and sending me this adorable swap quilt with all the rest going on in your life just now. 

This first Star is going to be a replacement for one I made earlier for the week with Blotch-Ground Chintzes, as I need it to represent another week's fabric. 

Week 25 asked for Wood Block Prints and although not a Chintz, not even a Repro I think it does well for what is needed.

This the other fabric I used for the Wood Block star.

Week 26 is a Pillar Print and this fabric was given to me.

The second Pillar Print I had in my stash.

This week's star is using a fabric with a Quercitron background.  Now, this was a new one for me. I am enjoying all of the extra information that comes with each week's fabric.

and this is the one from Week 23 that will be my 2nd Star for this week.

Last Saturday and Sunday I attended a workshop at Carol's, Sewn and Quilted with Brigitte Giblin.
At the workshop I made this hexagon bag. I had the hexagons prepared so I managed to get it made in the two days. This is where I met the lady that gave me a piece of her Pillar Print for my Star. A very good weekend.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

and June is nearly gone.

Almost half way through the year. I'm convinced each year gets faster.
This week's Time-Warp Stars are with fabric called Fancy Machine Grounds. In other words it's all about the background and the small design that shows behind the main print. I'm finding out just how much I look, really look - or not, at a fabric when I buy it. I really like the two fabrics I have used this week but they have been in my stash for a while and remain unused although I may have a spot to use the top one.


and also for June, the next block for Under the Cherry Tree.
Wimbledon and the tennis for the next two weeks. I have prepared the next block to sew while I watch and will get on with my Mrs Millar's Journey block.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy with a finish.

I made this quilt last year, a block at a time. I saw the blocks  Here a couple of years ago and Meredithe  kindly draw up the measurements for me. It took me most of the year to make the blocks as there are 95 pieces in each one and I just love it. I got it back from being quilted and put the binding on this week.

This week's Time Warp Stars have used Blotch-Ground chintzes. Where the colour doesn't quite fill the space it's meant to.


The shortest day has passed and we are heading back to Summer and warm sunny days. Hopefully it will arrive early like this Winter did.